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Company Policy

  • Quality Policy

    Full participationContinuous improvementDefect preventionHigh reliability
    Process incrementReduction of variationCustomer satisfactionPerpetual operation

  • EICC&EHS&HSF Policy

    Strictly abide by the standard of lawJointly safeguard the human rights of knowledge
    Good faith, fair and free associationReducing risk safety production
    Source control process managementThe gradual reduction of harmful sub

  • Information security Policy

    Build strategyFull implementationRisk assessmentActive defense
    Hierarchical AuthorizationMonitoring and trackingCustomer satisfactionPerpetual operation

  • Labour Policy

    Respect justice and abide by the lawsHonesty and trustworthinessEquality of opportunityFair treatment
    Prohibition of discrimination and harassmentPut an end to corporal punishment and forced labor
    Ensure the he